Tired of being single?

What to do when nobody loves me? Many women report that their single discomfort is directly proportional to their age. Interesting, isn’t it? Especially since, as a rule, it is not related to the fact that, for example, at the age of thirty from ten, they had not been seeing anyone – no, no. Just…


How Do Men Think? I Answer!

The environment tries to convince us that men and women differ only in their appearance. “They are basically the same.” Well no. Of course, I am aware that at the moment I can be called limited and intolerant. But I assure you that I am not like that. I base my statement on facts. While…


Is It Possible To Forgive Treason?

Many of my clients and clients experience cheating in many ways. Even if it turns out that a partner did not end up in bed with someone else, they still feel cheated, hurt and disappointed. It seemed to most that if they found out about the other party’s infidelity, they would pack their belongings or…