Are You Fit For a Relationship ? I Answer !


“Am I fit for a relationship?” There is definitely such a pesky imp sitting somewhere at the base of the skull. Each time he seemed to take wild pleasure in judging and making life unpleasant. What’s more, it feeds on bad emotions and makes everyday life difficult. Who are we talking about? About the Inner Critic. Have you heard of him? Perhaps not, but what I’m almost 100% sure is that you must have heard his voice because you are here now.

Neither he is nice nor friendly, while we allow him to live and develop in his best. Not only that, we often take his words to heart.

“And you parked awkwardly again!”

“After all, who would want a woman like you!”

“With that look, it’s no wonder you’re alone!”

“You always spoil everything!”

“Nothing works for you, you can’t be persistent. Of course you are weak! “

You could go on and on like this. You know it?

Dear Lord, is speaking

Yes, this is the loud voice of the Inner Critic speaking from within you. As if asking people what they think about themselves – most of them will answer that they don’t think badly of themselves. When someone judges them loudly – they tend to rebel. However, they invariably submit to internal judgments that make them angry, embarrassed, sad or ashamed. What to do with this? The answer as usual is below.

Do an experiment

First things first – do a little experiment. First, recall a situation in which one of your close and important people made a mistake that they decided to tell you about. She comes to you because she feels frustrated, angry and terribly sorry.

Now answer the following questions and write them down on a piece of paper:

  • How do you talk to her? How do you treat her?
  • How do you show her what you feel about the situation?And how?

Hello Earth!

I dare to assume that you can see the difference … Because by treating others the best way possible, you can’t be that way for yourself. A paradox, isn’t it? You live with yourself every second, in addition you live in yourself and you are ultimately “doomed” to yourself throughout your life. And instead of friendship and support, you show yourself so many bad emotions. Why does everyone deserve support but you? What prevents you from making a mistake? After all, why are you so strict?

Be good to yourself! Take care of yourself, support yourself in drawing conclusions and looking for solutions. Realize that you are as much as a human being with many rights. Including the right to stumble and to help him.

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