How Do I Find a Partner ? Singles, Welcome !


How Do I Find a Partner ? Singles, Welcome !

How do I find a partner? There are workshops where women are taught to find a husband – at first I didn’t believe it, but they really do exist. Slogans are thrown that suggest a solution to the problem. I am personally amused.

“How to hunt love?”

I don’t know about you, but hunting for me is quite bloody and it assumes that one side is the torturer and the other the victim, so something is not touching me here. Perhaps because, by some strange coincidence, the hunting ones are hit by a ricochet, and the deer they were hunting escapes. This scenario assumes that the torturer is dead, and emotionally it often does. I believe that the love-hunt does not work and this approach smacks of real desperation, but I would like to point out that this is my personal opinion.

“How To Keep A Guy”

Sounds slightly psychedelic. Your relationship is not getting along, you are both getting tired, because you just don’t fit together, or he is a total asshole, but you have to make numerous attempts to keep him with you by force, because if he does not, it will …

Exactly what? Grandma will cry? Will you end up feeding the pigeons and carrying the tabernacle of your life in discount carrier bags? All other possibilities will disappear, because this one was the ONLY one and when he is gone – life will end! There are also workshops for men, where most often a brawl teaches them how to effectively seduce, i.e. put a hand in panties at a disco. The genre scenes played during such workshops show that every quarter-intelligent is able to do it, and the canes enter such actions with undisguised gratitude. In fact, this is where I could splash my fist, but let me continue my argument.

It used to be better

Never mind these unfortunate workshops. The truth is, today is different than it used to be. It is not a discovery worthy of a standing ovation, I know, but interpersonal relationships are changing at an alarming pace and in a way, I have the impression, completely uncontrolled. It is enough to look around – a horse with a row of those who will not easily find a person whose face merges with the smartphone screen. Social ads show that people walk from the sidewalk right in front of speeding cars because they write text messages. As the elders say: “The world is headed for destruction” and I am exceptionally favorable to their views on this matter. People lose the ability to talk, additionally replace the language of emotions with pictorial writing and run away from experiencing possible inconveniences related to communing with another human being. What’s more, it should be fun, it should be nice, it should be perfect!

What’s left?

It is a pity that this is the case. Shame. You could sit down and complain, but it seems to be, to put it mildly, pointless. Assuming that the changes go in one direction and not another, you can take a look at what is available. Today people get to know each other via the Internet – mostly. The statistics are astounding, and the number of users using online dating sites is a haircut.
Moreover, some of you may remember the research / experiment that I carried out with dedication about a year ago. It looked like this:

I signed up for all the popular dating sites
I significantly exceeded the originally assumed number of dates I was supposed to go on – it was supposed to be 50 …
I conducted countless conversations of various types
I experienced a whole spectrum of emotions
I invested almost USD 500
I left this experience unscathed and unharmed, which is probably influenced by my profession


What did I do this for? To understand, to experience and to develop your own point of view on a subject so often discussed by my clients. No one who has not been an active user of online dating sites will understand someone who is. This is, of course, also my subjective opinion with which I understand that it is possible to disagree and I respect this state of affairs.

What came out of it?

I suppose many of you will ask yourself at this point: did anything come of this? It just happened. Apart from fruitful reports (not at one time, please don’t suspect me), I also created this website. It was then that I realized that a lot of women are actually looking for a valuable relationship on dating sites. Another part of them would like to try, but find it embarrassing. The next part is scared and the rest quickly discourages. Why? I think that you need to be properly prepared to start your adventure with dating websites, because it is not a joke at all. Is it obvious to you:

How Can I Deal With Rejection?

“After another meeting, which was nice and the phone is silent like a charm, I start to wonder if I’m okay. Maybe I’m doing something that I don’t even know about and someone can’t tell me? I’m starting to feel weird about it. I feel rejected and therefore less attractive. I know it’s sick, but still … nothing pleasant ”


How to catch disturbing signals?

“I don’t know much about people. Dating sites only confirm this belief. I can’t notice in time that there is clearly something wrong with this guy. In addition, I make such strange acquaintances and then I have to get sick of it. All my friends do. ”


How do you know a man who is worth making a date with and one who turns out to be a godsend when blocking the user?

“Amanda, how do you meet a psychopath? Portals are full of them, and I think I have a magnet on them. ”


How do you protect your self-esteem in all of this?

“Of the twenty guys who are interested in me, none offer me a meeting. Damn! What is going on?! Is the problem in them or where? Of course, I am trying to be the best version of myself, but I already lack the strength. ”


Why do people on dating sites often behave in a way that is completely incomprehensible?

“The dude is sending me a picture of his penis and I’ll tell you that I’m starting to think they’re all totally abnormal. Why do people do that ?! I will not mention those who collect pairs later have 800 of them, but they will not go out with any of them. This is just a phenomenon. What it comes from?”


What are the expectations of such dating?

“I think my expectations are too high for guys. I have the impression that either I’m setting the bar too high or they’ve really broken. ”


What are the causes of misunderstandings?

“First they say they’re looking for a wife, and then on the first date they ask if you’ll sleep with him.”


Is it a shame or is it a reason to be proud?

“I’m on a dating site, but I’m ashamed to post my photos there. I think this is total desperation. Someone will see me and will think that I am alone as a finger and desperate I am looking for a man by force. ”


How to use them effectively and use their potential effectively?

“They should post their owner’s manual on dating sites. I have the feeling that being there is a waste of time and money. First, I talk to someone for days, and then no trace of him is lost. ”


Which ones are worth investing in, and which ones are better to donate to?

“Are the actual exclusive portals better?”


What and WHO to expect from each of them?

“Are there places where you can meet someone you will go on a normal date with? Who knows what he wants? ”


Is this really the only alternative?

“I wonder if there is any possibility of meeting people outside of work and friends, or throwing strangers in the streets outside of dating sites [haha]”


If all this is obvious to you, I am giving you virtual cloves, chocolates and champagne – my congratulations! If not, I encourage you to read on.

I could talk about that year for hours and I know I can’t put it in writing.


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