Are you constantly waiting for the love of life?


I don’t believe humans are made to live alone. Since the dawn of time, for some purpose, we organize ourselves into smaller or larger groups. We don’t do it out of boredom – we do it out of need. What? Out of ten people asked about it, probably each will give a different answer. Need love? Need for security? Do you need affiliation? It doesn’t matter – it is important that it exists and that it demands that it be satisfied.

A recipe for happiness

And it was like this – from generation to generation, women were handed a recipe for happiness and fulfillment, telling them to wait for their chosen one to appear. The paradox was that the chosen one chose. “My wife,” said a gentleman one day, and then things went smoothly. First, you know, they were supposed to wait for the prince with the castle and a row of horses. But over time they found out that there were more women in the line than there were princes, castles, and horses available worldwide. So they learned to lower their expectations and take what life gives.

The cake did not rise out of the recipe

You know what’s the worst? That nothing has changed. Well, maybe the Prince Charming has been replaced by the guy in the car. The value of the car exceeds the annual income of all African villages combined with a villa equipped with a swimming pool. And this is completely impractical in our climate. This is of course a joke. It is not a joke that women are still waiting, because they are invariably taught to do so. Few know what she is waiting for, what she would really like. What are the expectations? Answering the question of what will give her happiness seems to be more difficult than predicting the weather on the Baltic Sea during the summer holidays. Effect? Women feel lost, lonely and doomed to a widely understood twist of fate.

It’s him! It’s definitely him!

And just like before – one gentleman appears, then another and the twelfth. Thirsty for love, acceptance and happiness, she tries to find the best in them. To believe that it is the one who will give her this mysterious feeling of happiness. Over the centuries, it gets complicated because the first gentleman doesn’t have to be the last – after all, we’ve learned that something might not suit us. Still at odds with us being honest with ourselves. Admit it, how many times have you openly said: I don’t agree, it doesn’t suit me, I quit? And how many times have you turned a blind eye, hoped that something would miraculously change and that the long-awaited “and they lived happily ever after”?


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It is not appropriate for a woman

Women are still afraid to talk out loud about their needs (which they often don’t know!) And to call a spade a spade. They are afraid of being women who make a choice because they know they have it. They say “if not this then another,” but they take the words as a relatively comforting and hopeful slogan rather than as words they really believe in. Yes, it is perfectly understandable that you may not be fully happy with the other person, their companionship and the affection they will give you. On one condition – that it will not be someone who meets only this one condition – there will be. No matter what, but it will be. Meanwhile, when I ask: “what are your expectations?” I hear that “in fact, I don’t know anymore”. I ask, “do you deserve love?” I read, “UNLESS you do.” I ask: “can you take what you want from life, what you want?”, I hear that “I’m not sure”.

In the meantime, listen …

You are not sure, because maybe nobody has taught you this and nobody has shown that you have the right to do so. And above all, that the chosen one is the one you choose, not the one you agree to for fear that nothing better will happen to you in life. Yes! Women are constantly trying to move from the role of waiting for a prince to the role of the one who determines their own happiness. What came out of it?

Double cylinder oxygen cylinder

Some of them still remained in the role of a hooted princess treating a man like an oxygen cylinder, without which it is difficult to survive. Some of them, persuaded by advisers shouting from everywhere, went to the other side of the bridge and announced: me, alone, alone, I do not need you, because I do not need you. How many of those who have moved forward have wondered, stopped and decided to stay in the middle? Little. These are the ones that said: I can be alone and have a good life, but I do not hide the fact that I would like to share this life with someone – under certain conditions. It is these women who arouse the desire. Why? Because they are self-confident and self-confident – they do not prove it by fighting. They know that they are independent – but they give the man the field to act and show that his support counts. By letting themselves be won over, they actually take what they themselves want.

I just have a question

I believe and know that there are many fantastic men around who need exactly what women do to be fully happy. Seduction, flirting, conquering – where did it go? We wanted everything right now, right now! Well, we have our unhealthy love fast food. Are we okay with it? No. And I’m not just talking about women, I asked nearly 3,000 men many questions – after the first 500 answers I know that I look at “their” world through a completely different prism. Soon I will tell you why I did it. Maybe because I believe in love and that it is something that gives us happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I also believe that a change of perspective, communication and honesty are the foundation on which real and valuable relationships are built. It takes time, work and courage, but is a fabulously rewarding investment.
Meanwhile, I ask you: are you a woman who stopped in between?

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