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What to do when nobody loves me? Many women report that their single discomfort is directly proportional to their age. Interesting, isn’t it? Especially since, as a rule, it is not related to the fact that, for example, at the age of thirty from ten, they had not been seeing anyone – no, no. Just what used to be “normal” when they were in their twenties, when they turn thirty, they “don’t go away” anymore. And after forty, it’s better not to mention it. Years go by, she is still alone, alone! Full of fear that it will be like this to death. Seeing her life in black. And describing her current situation as “drama” (at best – unfortunately). Meanwhile … as a rule, it is not about the passing years, but about something completely different.

Drama, dear lady!

I feel a growing anger inside me when I hear that the woman perceives her situation as dramatic. This way of looking is only due to the lack of a partner. This anger builds up in me for a moment, then fades away and is gracefully replaced by understanding. Because I think that often this unfair judgment results from not being aware of a few important issues. Well, women are looking for romantic love. The one that exists in fairy tales, candy movies and stories. About which they have many ideas that have nothing to do with reality.

Hello Disney?

On the one hand, it is said that this is due to the fact that women are fed on such fantasies from an early age. Disney princesses with a twelve-meter braid waiting in the prince’s tower – a tower in which there was even no toilet. And she hadn’t been scalped as a six-foot-tall muscled creature climbed up the braid up to the third floor. Later, all kinds of romantic films that end with a passionate kiss and no one dared to brush against the prose of everyday life that occurs shortly after the separation of languages.

On the other hand, it is worth looking at different ways of upbringing. For what far too many women leave the house. And it is related to the lack of a stable self-image. It is not surprising that he focuses on finding someone to fill the gaps. If a woman is taught that talking about her successes and abilities is “praising” and responding to compliments with disbelief … And still little attention is paid to conversations about emotions or sexuality … Why should we be surprised? It all fits perfectly into a coherent whole and undoubtedly influences the fact that women mistakenly believe that:

They will feel more attractive with a partner at their side
If you don’t love your body, nobody will do it for you. Believing that thanks to someone you will believe in your own attractiveness, you choose a risky path. As I mentioned many times in my texts – as soon as someone gives you something, they can take it from you just as quickly. And then what? Then the drama.

They will feel important and appreciated

It is not your partner’s role to build your self-esteem. If you don’t feel complete, worthwhile, meaningful, he won’t change it. Here you have to face the challenge and start working on yourself to enter the relationship as a partner, not a lost being who wants to be pampered and appreciated. Lost women are interested in men who want to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses. A relationship with such delinquents is like a pact with the devil.

Their lives will take on colors

If you are not satisfied with your life and you feel it is boring and not what you would like it to be, well … you have to do something about it. Entering into a relationship with the hope that someone will suddenly make you have passions, interests, joy of the day … you will rather be disappointed. Who wants to bond with a person who is dissatisfied and the only thing that is willing to practice every day is complaining? To have an interesting life, you don’t have to run to the gym or jump with a parachute every day. It is enough if you open up to what is new and start experiencing new things, for example painting pictures! (I heartily recommend)


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They will be safe

Also in financial terms. The current economic situation is not very interesting, that’s a fact. Nevertheless, it is unreasonable, to put it mildly, to bond with someone because they would contribute to the monthly budget. Paradoxically, you will have to pay dearly for this soon. If you long for a sense of security, peace and support – give it to yourself and organize it first, at least you will know what these three things mean to you. Most women talk about feeling safe, mistaking it for “solving the problem”, and peace with “peace of mind, because everyone will get off the hook.”

They will find solace in strong male arms

Little girls are those who are twelve or less. When looking for a shelter, a replacement for your father or wanting to return to the times when you were not responsible for anything, you can use a mine. It’s too late for such things. If you have lacked parental love or have a hard time meeting the expectations of the adult world – use the support to get back on your feet and be able to enter into a relationship as an equal partner, not a child who you are no longer and will not be.

They will have the problem overcome

It’s really worth remembering that you live for yourself and not for others. Do not satisfy your grandmother’s, aunt’s or worried mother’s ambitions at your own expense. Do not succumb to social pressure and do not, God forbid, be desperate just because “all my friends have already sorted out.” You are human, not yogurt – there is no use-by date, so wait calmly and choose wisely. Quality! Not the quantity. By worrying about the birth certificate and what falls out and what does not, you will only get wrinkles and gray hair.


They will stop feeling lonely

Perhaps to some extent, yes. The point is, if you feel lonely today, something is wrong. Many women have successfully proven that it is possible to have a good life alone and that this state is very powerful. So the question is why do you feel lonely? Probably because there is a lack of the right people around you. Almost 40 million people live in this country! Every day you can meet someone, we have practically unlimited possibilities. Just get out of the house. And all in all … you don’t even have to leave it. In the same group that I founded, there are nearly 4,500 women from various places in Poland who are eager for coffee, wine and whatever. You can join the group HERE.o

Get over yourself, woman!

At this point, I would like to ask you a key question: do you know what exactly is bothering you about yourself? The fact that you live alone or that you are not satisfied with who you live with. So with myself! Would you like someone to “fix” you? Self-acceptance, increasing self-awareness, liking yourself – this is a solid and necessary foundation. If they are missing, everything you build will be like a wooden cabin in a hurricane-ridden area, it simply won’t survive. Probably these reasons also contribute to the fact that you are trying to create new relationships that end in failure. You blame the whole world or just yourself. After each such relationship, you go through hell because someone has already given you something and then taken it from you. You almost felt complete, and then suddenly a meatball, you are riddled with holes here and there. Start taking care of yourself Woman! I wish to call you to order. Out of concern, only and exclusively.


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