How Do Men Think? I Answer!


The environment tries to convince us that men and women differ only in their appearance. “They are basically the same.” Well no. Of course, I am aware that at the moment I can be called limited and intolerant. But I assure you that I am not like that. I base my statement on facts. While we are able to hold the same positions, achieve similar successes, we will never see things in the same way. Dot. How do men think?

Thick body

It has been scientifically proven that the differences, sometimes drastic, in the behavior of one and the other sex result simply … from the fact that our brains are structured differently, and specifically “everything is to blame” is the corpus callosum. These are cute little filaments. They connect the right and left hemispheres, ensuring the flow of information between them. In women, the corpus callosum is resistant to slimming and is therefore thicker than in men. A thicker body allows information to flow more efficiently. This is why women associate facts better. They better infer and combine verbal and visual information better. This is the first significant difference.

The second, equally important one, results from the different locations of centers responsible for emotions. Female emotions are “scattered” over the brain – placed on both sides of it and in close company of the speech center. Do you already know why women find it easier to name and talk about emotions? In men, only the right hemisphere is responsible for emotions, and the left hemisphere is responsible for the ability to name them. Let’s add the less developed corpus callosum and the problem with talking about emotions is ready.

Can it be changed?

Attempts to eliminate these differences are rather doomed to failure, although it should be borne in mind that certain behaviors can be practiced. Thus, the upbringing and models passed on at home are also important. For this a pinch of good will in adulthood. So there is hope that this planet is being walked by men who find it a bit easier to name emotions than to others. Not only that, I know them personally! The fact is, however, that it does not come as easily to them as it does to women. However, this state of affairs has its advantages.

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A female head is a library!

The female brain is like an enormous library filled with books in which there is great chaos. Everything is mixed up together. It is a bit as if women read a dozen or so books in it at the same time and put them later on, no matter what shelf. Or they didn’t put the books back at all. As a woman, I must admit that it can be overly burdensome at times. In men, there is much more order – everything is elegantly cataloged. A certain book is reached in times of need, which clearly indicate that this specific knowledge is required.

The men’s library has sections on emotions, love, hobbies, sports, and even fried cabbage and whiskey. The magical bookshelf with books “about nothing” cannot be omitted either. Commonly known as the “box of nothingness” – yes, men can think of nothing. Thus, they gain the title of absolute mindfulness masters. Only when they leave one section are they able to concentrate on the content of another section. Women, on the other hand, can devote themselves to almost cosmic travels in time and space. By combining facts that seem to be completely incompatible with each other. Do you know it?

God! Can’t he guess ?!

Knowing about the structure of the male brain and imagining it as this huge, organized library can make things easier for women. First of all, understand why men act sequentially. It is the sequencing that is responsible for most of the misunderstandings, because it is easy to get the impression that the man is simply overwhelmed, reluctant to help, withdrawn and with everything… deep down. Nothing could be more wrong.

“Couldn’t he really have guessed that if I asked to peel potatoes, it would be right to cook them ?!”

“He’s completely unknowing! It acts as if it had everything in d.! A pile of laundry sprouts in the bathroom and he watches Top Gear. “

“Why doesn’t it come up with the fact that when I say that I am busy today, I actually expect that he could make this difficult day pleasant for me.”

But … how to deal with this lack of clairvoyance?

What to do? What to do?!

First, it is worth simply accepting these differences and understanding that men do not move from point A to point B passing points Z, H, J, K, Z and U on the way. Their path is simpler.
Second, acknowledge that they are in possession of a magic “box of nothingness” and take their word for it if they declare that they are thinking “about nothing” at the moment. I think it’s really enviable, isn’t it?
Third, take into account these differences and adapt the communication style to the capabilities of the other party. It will save the nerves of either party, for sure! Men are programmed to achieve a specific goal, everything they encounter on their way during this journey is only obstacles.

The guy is not a woman – simple

As women, we expect acceptance and try to give the same, although we often fail and we must grit our teeth tightly so as not to go into a frenzy when the other side’s actions seem cosmically irrational. Meanwhile, it is liberating to accept our otherness, to use hard facts in communication with men and not to expect something from them that they are not able to offer us, and which is completely independent of them and does not result from any ill will. Complicated, multi-threaded and deep conversations about emotions should be left for friends who will understand many things – it proves why other women in our lives are definitely irreplaceable. Let’s not try to change something that is beyond our control. Appreciate the goodwill of the other party and respect our differences. This will allow our brains to relax, for everyone, regardless of gender.


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