What Women Go To The Cash Register? Dedicated To Men


What women go to the cash register? Dedicated to men


What women go to the cash register? Whenever I hear such a clichéd statement from a man’s mouth, my forehead hurts because it wrinkles. I am seriously thinking about botox so as not to look like basset in a few years. I do not suppose that anything will change in this matter – such slogans save some men from the fact that, God forbid, not to think about myself: something did not work out or something needs to be changed. I have two favorites which I present below.

All the women are going to cash!

Yes, there are women who, above all, need financial stability, and love in their opinion is expressed through generosity. The reasons for such decisions are different and no one is there for it – if you don’t know someone’s story – don’t judge. At all, they shouted out with undisguised satisfaction, “Ha! I told you so!” I will answer: “Ha! I know the same number of men who willingly log on to the side of a wealthy woman, considering their appearance and service as sufficient that she would guarantee them not just any roof over their heads, board and bedding. ” You could say that they are calculating, but what really motivates them – I don’t know, so I’m not going to tell stories, each of which would be just my own personal guess. It was, is and will be.

Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that this group is still in a decided minority, men with the stubbornness of a maniac reinforce in their heads this stereotype (only women), which often seems to be a kind of sweetening for their bitter reality. It is done by all those who would like to have everything but do nothing. All who believe that most people’s homes, cars, and jobs are falling from the sky because they were born under a lucky star. They sit in their four walls, wading in mediocrity instead of wondering what to change, and for everything that does not work out, they have a ready excuse. If he doesn’t come out with a woman, it’s probably because she was flying to the cash register. Or maybe she just wants a man who will have ambitions and will be pleased with himself? It is not expressed in zeros in the account, it is expressed in the approach to life. Dot.

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They all love bastards and don’t value good men!

There are women who need impressions. There are women who get hurt and, although unhappy, they are stuck in toxic relationships. As a rule, over time, they mature into a decision to fight for themselves. However, it’s not like we all love bastards. Nonsense.

Please, here is the alphabet of desire, or what do women want?

Ambition – show that you can and that you want.

Safety – If you can’t offer your arm and support, stop bothering.

Tenderness – because it is the basis of every good love.

Decision-making – Quick diagnosis: If your favorite phrase is “I don’t know”, you are not up to the decision.

Eloquence – if it is difficult to dialogue with you, you have no passion and curiosity, how do you want to be interesting for a woman?

Flirting – is such a magical art of seduction, the purpose of which is not to drag you to bed.

Dignity – that is, respect. If you can’t show it, don’t call yourself a man.

Humor – if you can make her laugh, chances are she will only cry from laughter in her life.

Initiatives – if you’re in the habit of waiting for it all to happen… well wait.

Clarity – the situation first of all.

Communication – if you can’t name something, draw it. Just don’t say you don’t know.

Loyalty – without loyalty there is no trust, and without trust there is nothing.

Masculinity – many boast about it, few know what it means. What does it mean? Responsibility.

Naturalness – be yourself works, as long as you know who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t play or you’ll lose.

Promises – that you make and you know you can keep them.

Partnerships – no, a relationship without obligations is not a partnership. Partnership is respected for the equality of two parties.

Equality – which also shows in the fact that when someone shows weakness, you don’t draw that strength.

Respect – needs to be explained?

Societies – even in silence.

Variety – boredom is something that gets boring quickly.

Faithfulness – If you cannot control a moment of weakness, you cannot control anything.

Trust – this is not won by words, but by actions.

If your alphabet consists of three letters, your chances of writing a shared story with someone are rather slim. I only have a request – don’t blame the women, take a look at yourself. At this point, I will correct it right away – I love men, but only those who do not pour their frustration on everyone around.

Let the first one throw a stone …
Like the world around the world, people blame each other for all failures, because it’s easier to blame someone than to take responsibility … for yourself and your actions. The healthy love of two adults is give and take, not unconditional. If you can’t give and you have nothing to give – stop waiting for you to give and get a grip man! And then – to work.


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