When does a relationship break up? How to recognize it?


It happens that despite our innate intuition transmitting S.O.S signals and persuading us to take our legs as quickly as possible and run away – we stay. Apparently something does not like it, something is not right, something is not right. And yet – you are in this acquaintance, you stay and suffer sweetly. For what? It is not known. When does a relationship break up? So I decided to bring up a topic that has appeared many times in the news and in our conversations today and answer the question: “How do I know to quit?” or the companion: “Why didn’t I see that something was wrong?”

Basically, the simplest answer to the first question is, “When do you feel it.” Nevertheless, I know that there are times of weakness in life, when vigilance is dormant and no decisions are made that would be hailed as sane. Below I present a list of such behaviors that should at least (!) Give you food for thought and provoke you to consider whether your relationship is healthy.

There’s no time

At the outset, I will explain that time, as we know, is a relative concept. For some, “much” is still “too little”, and for others, “too short” is almost eternity. If you feel that someone is giving you too little time, it probably is. By excluding situations as obvious as the need to fulfill professional duties or deal with matters that are simply part of the duties – there are, however, those that should be considered. I know cases where a man will find an explanation for absolutely any situation in which he did not have time. Not only that – he would have said in advance today that in two months he will not have it at 3 p.m. either, because:

“Must paint the fence”

“Goes to the hairdresser”

“He made an appointment with Jack,” etc.
Don’t get into a relationship with a man who doesn’t have time for you. Apart from duties, each of us has free time – the way we use it depends on what is our priority. If you are not on the priority list – why do you need such acquaintance? If you have to ask for time – this is definitely a warning signal. By explaining someone who still misses the moment for you – you only explain it to yourself – if you are not honest with yourself, you will quickly fall into the abyss on the way to happiness.


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He is lying, but not sweet

Although they say that a lie is always, without exception, the same lie – I do not fully agree with that. There are sweet and stupid lies, and there are also serious ones. I am sure you would be able to tell them quickly. Where there is a childish omission of the truth – you can intervene and get out of the problem without major problems. However, where there is a lie in its purest form – think three times before you let go. Confront, ask, explain and watch carefully. Personally, I believe that lying destroys trust and causes whoever has been lied to quickly turns into an investigator. Of course, this is terribly exhausting and definitely pointless in the long run.

It deters your success

Relationship is the ability to share. Also successful. If yours are still too small or too big, and you are “always just bragging” – think about your relationship. It is difficult to live without support, and proving all your life that you are good enough is a really Sisyphean job. Don’t let your relationship resemble that of a child with a parent who is toxic and still dissatisfied, unsupportive, and harsh. The relationship is supposed to bring you joy! Like your successes, they should make your partner happy.

Does not listen

Even if he deals with quantum physics, and you are a florist, the ability to listen carefully to others is necessary for mutual happiness. In a relationship where “I don’t understand what you’re doing” becomes a convenient excuse, you’ll quickly start looking for dialogue and understanding outside of the relationship. All too often women would like a male equivalent of a friend. I agree here, because not every man is interested in dilemmas related to the color of the dress for Magda’s wedding. He has the right to do so – you too may not be bothered by the result of a hockey match. But! In key moments for you, he should listen to you and support you in solving your problem. If you have a problem with your boss and you want to talk about it, and you hear “I don’t understand this environment” and this is where the dialogue ends – is the good of each of you in the common interest?

You can not rely on him

It was supposed to help you, but he forgot. He was going to do something, but there was something more important. He had, he had, he had a button. We will return to the support without which it is difficult to create something. If he failed – tell him about it. He apologised? Great, everyone has the right to make a mistake, but a systematically repeated error ceases to be a mistake and starts a routine. Perhaps you should talk about the consequences of such behavior? Yes, about his priorities – also.

He talks badly about himself

You won’t believe how often men tell the whole truth about themselves. Already at the beginning of their relationship, they can communicate that they are famous for being seducers and having a weakness for women. They turn their partners into a human wreck / break hearts / are prone to alcohol etc. Probably, like most women, you’ll find it a joke that won’t be. So if you hear this or a similar message – keep asking, and you will probably spare yourself bitter disappointments.

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