Is a Lover Always That Bad ?


Mistress. The bad one. This one is not good. It is the one that turns the life of a partner, mother and wife into a real hell on Earth. The one who takes the mind of the one who insists that you are his whole world. And the one that enters your life uninvited. He walks forcefully straight through the door. Are you sure no one left them wide open for her? It’s easy to blame someone, put a badge on it and blame it for all the evil that happens to us. You can then take the safe place of the victim. A victim whose happiness has been hunted by a conscientious creature. Moreover, one that is usually supposed to leave only ashes. Why does the husband have a mistress?

I don’t think that’s true

I often meet women living in a triangle on my way and even more often they say “I know what you think about me”. No, I don’t think about it. I’m sorry. Yes, I feel sorry for you. I do it not out of pity, but out of a sincere heart. I think to myself that they got entangled and in most cases they will cry bitterly for it. One might ask: “is this what the hell is getting into a relationship with a busy man?” Oh, it’s generous to assume that She even knows he’s busy. It is not uncommon for him to find out about it only after the fact. That is, when it falls over the ears like a plum into the proverbial compote. It also happens that he knows – a fact. But on what basis should I judge it, if she did not create this love alone?

Family is a value

Family is a value and that shouldn’t be discussed. People declare to each other that they will be devoted and faithful. They are often unaware of the seriousness of these declarations and do not consider whether they will be able to keep these promises. Relationships start with passions, violent feelings, earthquakes, cloudbursts, and more. Fed for centuries with a vision of romantic love enduring to the deathbed, we believe that this passion will never end.

The facts are that those who loved romantically most often ended their lives incredibly quickly. And passion as a phase of a relationship usually ends after two years. During this time, people make decisions about starting a family, having children, and the like. In short, they commit themselves to something by going into a complete relationship phase.

But is a relationship without passion worth anything?

How damn uncomfortable it is to discover that passion will probably never come back (although it does), and you have to work hard every day to prevent your relationship from becoming empty, based only on obligations. Finding a couple that is most closely bound by children and credit is not that hard. People let go, stop trying and get frustrated at the thought that it is no longer beautiful like Harlequin. A sad story of romantic love, in which there was no word that the idyll would end one day and that effort would be required. Let us add that it is not a small one. It is then that the door opens to those we fear as the devil of holy water.

Stupid lover! Mean Lover!

The mistress is, in most opinion, a mean, unscrupulous woman who is just waiting to take the man of her life from another woman. I have a slightly different opinion on this topic.

When they meet, he is in an unhappy relationship because, as a devoted father, he does it only for the sake of the children, or he does not want to leave that ball at his feet, because he will probably take his life. The list of supporting reasons why his life looks like it is long and broad. Someone was depressed, someone owed something to someone, lost faith in himself / his abilities, stopped believing in happiness – this is quite a catchy slogan, as it turns out. Possibly, his wife does not understand him, his partner has stopped taking care of herself, she has become a laborer, a living ATM whose feelings have long been meaningless to everyone.

Poor bear. She, lonely and waiting every day for someone to love her, decides to show him the better side of life. After all, this is all he needs to decide to cross the rainbow, where there is a land flowing with milk and honey. A sweet promise of happiness, another one without coverage. No, he doesn’t think about the fact that he is not okay and that he is not. Yes, he’s not okay! Because he promised you something and he should keep his word.

The sequel is that he still wants to have the cookie and eat the cookie. The wife seems more depressed and this is not a good time. The kids are going to school so it would be hard to tell them now. Ah, and the house construction he started a month ago, but forgot to mention. Well, finally his lover and wife cries (if he finds out), and he, though guilty, still gets the privilege of choosing. Not always, but very often.

Happiness is not built on someone else’s misfortune?

We all want to be happy and, blinded by the need, we make mistakes. Those who have experienced happiness quickly forget that it is not given once and for all. Those who seek it escape the realization that you do not build your happiness on someone else’s misfortune. Everyone wants to believe that their story will be different from those you hear about every day, and yet they do not do much to make it actually happen. We know each other as much as we have had the opportunity to prove ourselves – before you throw a stone at someone, think about whether you have the right to do so. Sometimes this reappearance of someone in your life can paradoxically be a chance to survive something that is in decline, although it will require a lot of work.

A lover is also a man!

I understand women who believed in the promise made – that he is unhappy and wants to change it as soon as possible. I understand that they want a relationship with someone who gives them what they want so badly. I also understand that they see his alpine combinations of leading a double life as an expression of dedication and love. Therefore, I understand that they believed that this promise would be fulfilled. The only question is – when (or at all?) And how much will everyone pay for it?

The lover gets an invitation

The second woman does not come into life for no reason, uninvited and unwanted. The first thing to ask is who invited her to join him? On the other hand, it is worth considering whether she knows that she is crossing the gates of hell before crossing the threshold.

Men run away to their lovers. Of course you will ask what against what. There can be many reasons for that, including yourself. I encourage you to check what features of women alienate guys. Of course, you can find the article HERE


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