Are Guys Just About Sex?


“Are guys really just about sex ?”

“And is sex the most important for them ?”

“Does it matter to them who they go to bed with ?!”

“When can you decide not to be used?”

Biology, love !

Well, biology – men have a slightly different approach to sex than women. I even think that the term “slightly different” is really a very delicate term. The problem is, women make a problem out of it. Too often. They try to change their nature and expect that suddenly their instincts will go into rest mode, and he will turn from conqueror into a friend to talk about life, and sex will stop having any meaning for him, because … it’s so wonderful to spend time with you ! He will become a lover only when the right moment comes and he suddenly jumps into the right modes for the situation. If at this stage you are irritated by what I write, read no further – it’s a waste of nerves. You can also learn something that you are likely to find useful. The choice, as always, is yours.

What is the guy counting on ?

A man dating a woman, in the vast majority of cases, hopes that their meeting will end in bed. Oh, such a nature. You made an appointment because you like each other, and if you like them … why not have sex? So what’s wrong with that? That doesn’t mean he’s a bad person – that’s just the way he is. There is nothing more wrong than believing that there are two types of men. Those nice people who are interested in you and ordinary plebeians who just want to drag you into the bedroom, and sometimes not even there. The latter simply communicate their intentions more openly, while the former simply delay the matter in time.

Either there’s sex or there’s hope

Men know they can’t always count on sex, but most of the time they hope for it anyway. At this point, however, it is necessary to refute the myth that men only want ONE, because this is far too far-reaching theory. Like women, men also want to get involved emotionally and create a bond with a woman that successful sex will only strengthen. Yes! They can also think about a woman during the day, not only “women have it”. The state of being in love is more disturbing for them than for us, but finally they fall into it with the grace of a plum melting in compote.

Bonds (not bindings)

An emotional bond is created through shared experiences, and I do not mean going out to dinner several times – it is doing things together that require emotional involvement, including intense experiences and conversations. So do something that will really bring you closer to each other. The more valuable the time you spend with each other, the greater the chance of bonding. The process of its creation does not depend on time, it can be achieved even in three days – for example, let’s use holiday, passionate romances that are exciting, risky and new for both parties. They also require openness and willingness, which is difficult when the time that you have at your disposal would be unlimited.

Sex inflates manhood

Sex adds value to men – a man’s self-esteem is largely based on how sexually attractive they feel to a woman. Simply put, it makes them feel like men. Women want compliments, adoration, help and interest because it increases their self-esteem. We’re just much more complicated. This is evidenced by the fact that the state of being in love activates significantly fewer structures in the brain in men than in women. The problem is that women get emotionally involved much faster, often confusing the state of desire with the state of emotional involvement. Passion is not, nor is desire. Sex that combines passion and desire is also not.

Is it just about sex ?

At this point, I would like to make it clear that I love men and my goal is not to make them sex demons (oops …), monsters who are unfamiliar with feelings and the only purpose in life is seduction, enjoyment and abandonment. Is it just about sex? No. First of all, it is about the feeling of being the only one, chosen and desired. A man feels really appreciated when he knows that although a woman could have chosen someone else, she chose him. Have you already guessed why they lose interest so much, knowing that your whole world revolves only around him? Getting what you didn’t try to get is not satisfactory – this is the answer to whether it is worth risking sex at the first or second meeting. Yes, I know, exceptions happen. The only question is how often?

Leave them alone, let it go

It’s a good idea to stop scolding men for wanting to spend the night with you. It is a kind of unconscious attempt. What is worth paying attention to is a reaction to a refusal to which you have a holy right – take it with a grain of salt, refuse gracefully and see what happens. An overly emotional reaction expressed in anger or undisguised frustration shows that the intentions were limited to one and investing time in this relationship is not the best idea. Otherwise – if she appreciates the time you spend together – she will wait (within reason) and it won’t be a problem.

Time will save you

Establishing an emotional bond and, as a result, a successful relationship requires time and mutual proof of value. The ability to give up the fashion for fast-food love and approach the matter calmly is valuable. The key to success is the will on both sides, and I think on the side of women, a greater understanding of male nature, without which, if they were to be deprived of it, they would be great friends. And that’s not the point, is it? As a consolation I will say that gentlemen also have to try to understand a lot of the incomprehensible, believe me.

In any initial relationship, it is important to develop emotions and feelings on both sides. When is the moment for that first time with yourself?

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