How to awaken passion in a long relationship? Tips.


Sex can be really troublesome. Rarely, the first experience in bed with a new partner gives satisfaction, and again the moment when we discover how to effectively please each other tends to be too short. No doubt, many people who have long relationships one day find it sad that the daily routine has killed their sex life, and they have no idea how to get out of this situation. For this reason, here are some ideas on how to awaken the passion!

Good porn isn’t bad

It doesn’t matter if you are a connoisseur of adult movies or a complete novice – talking about them is always instructive and exciting. As you know, it only requires an appropriate approach to the subject and understanding that a man watching a taut lady with breasts the size of beach balls does not really dream of becoming his wife. Plus, it’s just a stimulus that keeps his imagination working. Under no circumstances do you feel threatened by the porn stars of the heroine. Adult movies are not all about violence and cumshots lasting eight minutes. There are many possibilities and everyone will find something for themselves. As a result, the review of available sex works will be a great opportunity to get to know your preferences and a field for discussion. Give the news a chance and open your eyes to something you never thought about before.

Get rid of the routine

First of all, the element of surprise in life is something we like! Especially if the surprise is nice, and spontaneous sex is associated with it. Give up your habits! Dinner, movie, shower and Monday sex with the lights off? It certainly sounds pretty awful. Why not go all out in texting and without much preparation go all the way back home?

Sex on consent cannot be a rule

It is not uncommon in long relationships to resolve conflicts with consent. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as going to bed is associated only with the fact that what precedes it is a sharp exchange of views intertwined with slamming doors. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to learn conflict resolution through conversation, and after reaching an agreement, reach orgasm without negative emotions.

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Spicy dinner

The aforementioned routine manifests itself, inter alia, in in planning what you will eat for lunch today. To add some spice to the day, complete a task for two and come up with a dinner menu consisting of an appetizer, main course and dessert. Of course, not food products, but spanking, sucking and kissing selected places. Each of you prepares your own proposals and after accepting them, you make an appointment for the evening. And dinner? After all, who would care what for dinner in such conditions!

Make a move

You probably assume that the guy should always initiate sex? Nothing could be more wrong. Men love women who talk openly about what they want. In addition, knowing that sex is not a duty for you, and the pleasure you want will warm up the atmosphere.

Be feminine

I don’t know why, but at some point women bury their femininity and sex appeal. They constantly talk about any defects in their body (which men would not pay attention to in their lives). They wear cotton panties and say that pajamas should be comfortable above all, so they go to sleep in pulled-out unicorn jumpsuits. Let’s get it over with! Everyone knows that a tracksuit is comfortable, but attractiveness requires attention to detail, so sometimes hide the cotton in the wardrobe. Everyone also knows that we are pooping and we have a period, but not everyone has to hear about it in detail. I know relationships where people fart freely on the couch watching a movie. Seriously? It’s a nail in the coffin for lust. There are two sides to these rules.

Learn what turns you on

My clients are often disappointed with the quality of their sex life. They say they don’t get the satisfaction out of him, but when I ask about masturbation and knowing what my own needs are, they almost burn with intimidation. Your pussy is the main source of pleasure, so learn how to handle it so that you can successfully support your partner in his activities and guide him in bed.

Give yourself permission to abstain

There are times in life when we simply don’t have the strength or the mood to make love to our partner. That’s fine too, and there’s no point in panicking. That’s why it’s important to listen to your body and allow yourself to take a temporary break. Be sure to tell your partner about it and ask them to let them know when the condition lasts too long.

Get sex out of the bedroom

Take him for a walk around the apartment. Show the couch, kitchen counter and floor in the hall, if possible. If not – plan a weekend outside the city (or in a hotel in the city) and let your imagination run wild. New places always offer new opportunities. After all, in the hotel bar you can pretend that you just met! As we know, betraying a partner with himself is not cheating.


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