Sex On The First Date ? Is This a Good Choice ?


Although we are adults and we can go to bed with whomever we want, the vast majority of women face a considerable dilemma when it comes to making a decision. Putting off your bed adventures with a new guy feels like a terribly old-fashioned approach. On the other hand, sex on the first (second or third) date most often ends with a moral hangover the next day. Better to be a woman who you have to wait for, or a single one who takes what she currently wants from life? In the second case, you have to take into account certain threats. Sex on the first date? Let us answer this question.

Love may not be of it

If you think sex is something that binds people together, you are wrong. Going to bed is no declaration. Apart from the fact that the next day the guy might thank you for a nice night. Or you may never speak up again, you will experience a painful disappointment. Although it seems obvious, I have helped many women regain their balance. They felt (completely unfairly) used and deceived, because “you don’t go to bed with everyone”. When you consciously consent to sex, you are not being abused. Nobody is deceiving you either – the fact that you had a different idea about the development of the situation is still just your image.

You might get a lousy gift

It is surprising how many women seem to be aware of the disease dangers of casual sex. Why apparently? Hardly any woman is tested regularly to see if she is not, for example, HIV or HCV carrier. Most likely because they consider themselves a non-risk group. Error. Do you think the problem does not concern you? Go and take the test, and while you wait for the results, you’ll see that it applies to you. Believe me, everyone gets stressed then and suddenly discovers that there is no certainty. Take care of safety by using rubber bands. Remember, however, that condoms do not protect against some viruses. Additionally, having no idea who the guy you are going to bed with is and what the lifestyle he is, you put yourself at greater risk than you think.

You may be disappointed

Counting on an intoxicating night, you can be disappointed. The truth is, sex is better the more open, trust and secure your partners are. Of course, there are isolated cases where people hit each other and an earthquake occurs. More often than not, an acquaintance that could develop ends with poor-quality sex. This is due to the lack of the previously mentioned elements.

Sometimes it’s worth the wait

If only to learn more about a person, learn about his approach to certain issues and not expose yourself to unnecessary disappointment. Rarely do great loves begin with a night spent together after the first meeting. It’s good to bear that in mind. Regardless of whether you decide to wait a bit or go all the way, because you feel like it – remember about safety. What is more, viruses and bacteria do not care who you are, how much you earn and whether you are educated.

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