Successful Sex. 8 Important Ingredients You Need To Know


Sex is divided into successful and unsuccessful. The good and the bad, cool and boring, or passionate or godly. Sometimes it unites two people, it provides a strong foundation for closeness, and sometimes it takes the form of a one-time adventure whose name is forgotten. And what is needed for a successful sex passionate and fun?


Who asks not stray. Whoever talks increases the chance he will receive. And whoever objects is acting in harmony with himself. Sex is not an obligation, it is meant to be a pleasure for both parties. You may not know what you want, but you need to know and express out loud what you don’t consent to. Contrary to what is shown in porn movies, the woman is not an ice cream machine that someone tosses from place to place like a sack of potatoes, and she moans wildly with delight in every position. To think that it is enough to ask one simple question: how do you like? what do you like? what you don’t like what would you like to try This is the starting point for fantastic conversations. If you hope that the guy will figure out what you need, you are probably wrong.


Oh yes, especially at the beginning of the relationship, when his repertoire of bed behavior is a display of what his previous partner liked (if he paid attention to her), or what he tested on random women and when they faked orgasm, he came to the conclusion that achieved the championship. We’ve all probably come across this kind of guy who thought he should be the face of, but were actually calling a friend in panic saying it was a nightmare.


Two creatures should normally enter the bed. It is known that someone likes more of them – if someone likes it, it is perfectly fine. But! In the case of women it is somehow so strange that they and their complexes go to bed with men. Not that butt, not that breasts, cellulite, crooked back, straight kidneys … what women won’t think of. Instead of enjoying the moment and drifting off into sweet nirvana, they wonder if this action-focused guy is currently analyzing the advancement of their orange peel. Dear me, men aren’t really multifunctional in these things. When they are engaged in sex, they are engaged in sex.


I don’t mean contraception, but comfort and the ability to take care of your own needs. You shouldn’t go to bed out of pity, for lack of a better option, for wanting to keep someone with you. Nor should you accept forms of intercourse that simply do not suit you. Sometimes it happens that one side dreams of triangles, and the other does not want to agree to it at first, but starts to wonder for fear of the consequences of refusal. And this is the time when you have to admit to each other that it will not work, because you just have different needs that are dormant for a moment and will come to the fore in some time. It’s okay to do this, and it’s not okay to force yourself to do something against your beliefs.


Don’t move without trust. Wherever the intuition comes to the fore that something is not going as it should be, be sure to stop and think before it’s too late. Lack of prudence with sex can lead to real drama. I do not mean only rapes, but also the mental wounds inflicted by a person who does not take into account your opinion, does not respect your limits, your body and emotions.


Not only your needs, but also the differences between men and women. In men, during sex, three areas responsible for emotions are activated. In women? Fourteen! Men with sex confirm their attractiveness, and for women, sex is most often a confirmation of feelings and commitment to a relationship. If you are in doubt about your sex partner’s intentions, it may be worth taking a moment to watch carefully to see if you are sure you are walking one path towards the same goal.

No penalties or rewards

Sex cannot be a reward, and lack of sex should not be a punishment. This is the first nail people tend to hammer into a union coffin. After a light argument, it can be a great way to settle an argument. In case of bigger problems – talk about him first, but never punish your partner with lack of sex for insubordination using the method of silent days and turning your back. It’s derogatory, will you admit it yourself?


It is worth discovering new lands. It’s worth trying new things. Everything within reason, of course. Sometimes the other person can really surprise you by showing the world of sex from a slightly different perspective. To be able to go on a successful journey with him, you should pack everything that has been mentioned above in your backpack.
Today is World Sex Day. I wish you that it will always be a pleasure for you and that your next first times lead you towards joy, satisfaction and passion!

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