Age difference in relationship. What will the neighbors say ?!


Talking about the age difference in relationships always arouses a lot of emotion. Interestingly, the relationships in which the man is older and the woman is much younger are much less analyzed. It’s kind of “natural”. Meanwhile, more and more women, in the face of the crisis of masculinity among 30- and 40-year-olds, decide to establish relationships with younger men. Celebrities blaze the trails and when the media starts reporting about it, it buzzes on internet forums. “How dare she! It is known that he will leave her anyway, after she has practiced on it. ” I read and did not believe in how simple terms we perceive the relationship of two people. The same is true for relationships in which the man is older. Then the first thing that comes to mind is that she is sponsored by him, and he has the last sexual excitement with her. Simple? In my opinion, not entirely. Is such a terrible age difference in a relationship? I invite you to read!

There are two options

The relationship of an older man and a younger woman, and the relationship of a younger man and an older woman. As you know, the difference of two or three years does not make anyone think about whether such a relationship has a chance of success. The stairs begin when the difference is greater or much, much greater.

It’s always about …

It’s amazing, but you know it’s always the same thing?

What will people say?

Well, don’t worry about what people say. People usually don’t think of us at all, and if they do, they think badly. It’s nice to comment on someone else’s life and feel for a moment like Beata Tyszkiewicz in Dancing with the Stars and triumphantly hoisting a lollipop with a score. You are not to live for people – you are to live in such a way that you are well, without hurting anyone. I was wondering how you can hurt your brother or neighbor by having a relationship with an older or younger guy and I must admit that I do not know. If there is anyone who knows, please contact me urgently. Idea! Does anyone come to you and ask if they can hang out with someone? Did a friend come to you and say: “Can I marry this guy? Or will it bother you that he is bald? ”.


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Lifestyle and being

I will not pretend that with a greater age difference, people may be in different stages. He can work, she is still in college. She may be promoted and he may seek his career. In this case, one important question should be asked: do we feel like getting along, taking into account the needs of each party. If you thought that in every relationship, including between the same-year-olds, that’s the way it should be, then applause for you. Regardless of the age difference, it may happen that one party has more. Money, experiences or opportunities.

The point is to be able to share it with each other and to motivate each other to develop. If one of the parties takes the position of “Lord and ruler” in a relationship, it does not bode well, but only increases the risk of the problem of economic and psychological violence. What’s more, it’s the same with our needs – two people may be 40 years old and like completely different things. The trick is to find a common area where we can meet. If she wants to have a crazy party, then let her take her friends. If he wants to sit still and drink wine, why not spend an evening together? Sometimes yours is important, other times his.


It’s no secret that women have a limited time to give birth to a child. Despite the fact that today no one is flabbergasted today, a 43-year-old pregnant or a 60-year-old freshly baked daddy with a baby in his arms, there are still differences between the sexes. Be aware of them and be sure to talk about them. When meeting an older partner, it is worth finding out how he views issues related to starting a family. Perhaps he or she has had a divorce or children from a previous relationship and is not considering subsequent ones. When entering into a relationship with a younger man, you also need to make him aware that you will not have as much time as he has to become a parent. Absolute openness is indicated here, which saves problems in the future. If you are 35 and he is 25, think about whether you are ready to wait a little longer. Therefore, he should also be aware that the decision to have a child may have to be speeded up a bit.

And it all comes down to …

The three things that are fundamental to any happy and healthy relationship. Don’t worry about what people say, because it’s your relationship and your business, and Kowalska’s nothing to do with it. She’ll talk, she’ll experience it, and then she’ll get bored. Don’t give up your happiness for someone who doesn’t really care about your happiness. Secondly, one should be able to share, support and care for the common good. Third – to talk, because without talking no love can survive. And whether it will somehow deviate from the norm, it does not matter. The most important thing is that it should be good. Because there is nothing more beautiful than good love, regardless of the age of the people between whom it is born.


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