Is the guy ready for a serious relationship?


When is a positive response to the question “Is the guy ready for a relationship?” Have you ever met a guy who asked himself after the first date, “Can she get involved?” I admit that I have met, but it is a phenomenon as rare as low-calorie sweets. Women around the world have a habit of wondering:

  • Does he care about me?
  • Are you serious about me?
  • Is he ready for a serious relationship?

Although it may seem idiotic that modern women make such deliberations, I recommend that you refrain from judging. These questions make sense because it is about an investment. The stakes are really high – devoting time to someone who is not promising is nothing more than wasting a resource, all he does is keep shrinking. For women looking for a serious relationship, a man who doesn’t know how to get involved is simply a very bad investment.

I asked my friends for their opinion, and thanks to their help, I present you with signals that the guy is not going to give you back hearts.

He’s not looking for a relationship

It seems obvious that a woman looking for a permanent relationship will not be interested in a man who declares that she is not interested in anything “seriously”. Appearances, however, are deceptive. Here’s the harsh truth: If a guy says he doesn’t want a relationship, he doesn’t want a relationship, period. If you think you are an exception and will change his mind, trust me – you are not. You can, of course, take part in the contest and run for the ‘good enough’ badge, but it would be more prudent to give up the acquaintance. When you hear that he has commitment issues, relationships are meaningless, and any declarations limit his freedom … do yourself a favor and move on.

He’s not taking you on dates

Spending time together is limited to visiting your or his apartment, watching a movie and preparing a tasty dinner for him? Oops! When a man is interested in you, he will do anything to show that he cares. Yes, he will want to impress you. As a result of getting into any kind of relationship, women got used to slightly different, lower standards. But believe me, if a man cares, he can really do his best. He may be penniless, but he’ll find a way to have a fantastic time anyway.


It keeps you hidden

Many women find that getting to know a guy’s friends or family is a big deal. It’s not true. The times when introducing a woman to loved ones meant about the same as an imminent engagement are long gone. If he always goes without you with his friends or acquaintances, and avoids the topic of family like fire – see that there is a red flag in the air. As I mentioned before, a guy who takes you seriously will want to introduce you to his world. By keeping you as far away from their loved ones as possible, they let you know that they cannot see you with them in the long run. Sad but true.

Sometimes a ghost

Disappeared for a week or a couple of weeks, then comes back and acts like nothing happened? If a guy is serious about you, he will make a place for you in his life. Even if he is overwhelmed by work or other obligations – he will explain, write and let him know that he is thinking about you. Men who take time offs don’t really do well. Thus, they let us know that they are not afraid that perhaps they will have nothing to come back to. In a word, they are not afraid of loss. When you put your brick in it and wait for it to fly back to the nest each time, you are making a mistake.

Don’t expect respect and treatment from someone who knows that no matter what, you’ll always be waiting. Why try and engage in acquaintance that requires an absolute minimum? If a man does not pay attention to you and lives as if he were still single, believe me – there will be no bread from this flour.

There is a great unknown

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard: “I feel like we’ve known each other forever!” Meanwhile, after many hours of discussions, we still know as much about the man as he wanted to tell us. Only when he invites you to his world and is not afraid of honesty do you start to get to know each other. This is a big deal for most men – they are far more cautious about letting people into their world than women. When a guy opens up to you, talks about dreams and plans, hopes and fears – that’s when he shows that he begins to seriously invest in you. If you have been dating for a while and you still have the overwhelming feeling that you are seeing only a modest piece of his and his life, watch carefully as it is quite possible that you won’t see again.


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