Your Friend Has a Boyfriend And No Time For You?


A friend has no time for my boyfriend

The story goes like this:

I perfectly remember the day you introduced us. I looked at him – he had a lot of warmth in his eyes and I saw that he was crazy about you.

“She’s my friend,” you said and smiled broadly

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” he replied, and he winked at me, and I figured he knew some of our stories.
I was happy with you and I knew that I would probably lose sight of you for some time – such a law of falling in love. You called to say how fantastic it is. You also cried out on my phone when you had your first serious fight. Do you remember? It was I who persuaded you to call him, because you obviously got carried away.

I do not know…

I don’t know when it happened. Really, I have no idea when you believed that being in a relationship made you better than me. That suddenly you have things that I “don’t understand.” You were less and less interested in what was going on at my place and whether I was satisfied with the change of job. Or is the blond man not talking anymore. Suddenly I didn’t fit the picture any more – you didn’t include me on the barbecue invitees list anymore. Just like you didn’t ask if I would take you to the lake with you. It’s funny.

Great news!

It’s also funny that you didn’t call me until he proposed to you. I had the impression that we actually belonged to other worlds. Not because I’m a single girl who continues to go on dates – more or less successful, but because you started treating me upfront. As if I was inferior, incomplete. Suddenly your life was so tight you couldn’t get there. Although I tried – even against what my common sense was telling me.

There was a wedding and a wedding

You invited me to your wedding out of duty, because “it was like that”. And most of the photos on your board were signed with “young wives”, where you showed your heartfelt fingers together with other women in your relationships. You acted as if you believed that a woman who was not currently in a relationship seemed to be a threat. Sharpening my claws on one of the men. Maybe I’ll explain that being a pig and picking up other people’s guys is not a single thing. It has character, whether you are free or busy. Christ! What happend to you? Everything ceased to matter, your life suddenly became one

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And he does his

The One who still has his life, his passions and has not abandoned his old friends just because he changed his marital status. The One, who somehow managed to combine it all together and to this day smiled broadly at the sight of me, when we accidentally passed each other in the city. Yes, he asked when I would come over. What was I going to say – that I have nothing to talk to you about anymore? Or is it that I feel nauseous when I hear you say that “you and the other couples are planning the weekend”?

I don’t know if I like you

Today you are calling me after a tavern brawl, during which he told you that he did not understand your constant grievances. You call him an asshole and ungrateful, hoping that I will echo you. You ask what I am doing on Saturday, because we could have figured out something – it was always fun with me. That’s it – it was. You see, you are a friend, you are not. Yes, I would also like to have it all sorted out and wake up next to the man I will adore – for now I wake up next to the one I like. No, I have never envied you – I just enjoyed your happiness. It is a pity that during these two years you solemnly put a wall between us, letting me know that I did not fit anymore.

Good wishes for you

Today, when you sat sadly wagging the spoon in your cup and trying to make up for lost time, I wanted to laugh out loud and ask if you were joking. You taught me that nothing is given once and for all, and that people once so close to us – today they seem terribly alien. I have already planned Saturday, among those who for some time did not get along with the prince in the lead role. These are women who know that you have to take care of your friendship, because when everything goes wrong, it remains your support.

Probably some have come to this by losing someone who was once like a sister to them. I wish you this too – understanding that not only one person makes our life worthwhile and that our world will hold as much as we want it to be. Look at your man – he knows it, because when you ask other “wives” on the weekend if they don’t know where and with whom he has gone – he will be with a friend, and they will probably tell you that they are spending the weekend with another couple and they have no time talk.

Sorry, isn’t it?


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